Jim Smith – Freelance Software Developer


Software development is a big part of my life, but I also spend a lot of time writing, watching classics, and enjoying nature. I believe in being free to create things that are in harmony with nature, and expressing yourself through what you create. So, I enjoy seeing others express themselves in ways that adhere to the laws of nature. It’s exciting to watch the unique beauty of each person’s character. As a software developer, I know that my character has an impact on the software I write, and my experiences are developing my character.

Our life experiences create character; we often forget this in the middle of a crises. Experiences that affects us the most, often stimulate our inner self in ways that make us wiser, and more understanding. People that produce great works of art, are often those that have been through or going through life changing situations. They’ve been given wisdom and understanding through the lessons of life. Many of these lessons are difficult; we must push through them to get the prize. I imagine that the lessons of life will cause me to produce great works of art.

Universal Intention

As life shapes us into perfection, we can feel the travail of our souls, as we give birth to the universal intention. This divine intention defines our purpose for being here. It holds our true definition and struggles with us if necessary to make us who we’re meant to be.

Life drives us through each experience, regardless of what our own intentions are. The life force always takes us where we’re supposed to be at any given time. You can be confident that you’re always in the hands of the infinite intelligence of the universe. This intelligence is the same intelligence that created the beautiful seas, rainforest, and mysterious heavens all around us. Understand that this beautiful mysteriousness is being created in all of us; and that the universe we live in is pure unconditional love.

Consider how awesome nature is; its power and beauty is something we can’t begin to understand. Now consider how great the evil is our world consist of. How could a universe filled with enormous power, beauty, and intelligence coexist with our world for so long? We live in the presence of infinite love; our time on this planet is a testimony of love.

Empowering Love

It is love that empowers us to solve problems and create systems that interact friendly with our environment. I’m greatful to be a contributor to the effort as a software developer. My desire is to see applications developed to replace every system that isn’t serving its purpose in truth.

The complex problems in our world today, can only be dealt with through unconditional love. There are ways to overcome; the wisdom is within and all around us. It is the same wisdom that created all things. Designs in the creation speak of the wisdom needed to solve many problems we face today. Answers to our problems are known, but most people that are able to implement solutions refuse to make the investment. One obstacle that block investments in ethical systems is the fact that love does not feed the ego. All ethical systems are based on love.

When I say love here, I’m not referring to emotional feelings expressed on television etc. This love is a higher frequency vibration; it increases awareness, and therefore make those that experience it more intelligent. Systems that are developed through this type of intelligence, are able to fit into changing circumstances, and are designed to be more conscience of other systems. As a result they scale, and are easier to manage in complex environments.  There’s an infinite number possibilities so, there won’t be enough flexibility to cover for all situations. Nevertheless, love based designs will cover enough possibilities to correctly fulfill their purpose.




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